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External VLC

You don't have to use Veetle's software to broadcast. One suggested alternative software is external VLC. It's more efficient at transcoding and more flexible with managing playlists.

Configure VLC

  1. Download and install VLC.
  2. Open VLC.
  3. Tools > Preferences > Show settings: All > Stream output.
  4. Enter any of the following into the default stream output chain. Note that pyramidal B frames and weighted P frames must be turned off when using VLC 1.1+ to yield functional streams.


You can broadcast h264 videos without transcoding. This puts far less stress on your computer. Consult the pre-transcode tutorial to learn how to prepare h264 videos.

#std{access=http, mux=asf, dst=}

SRT subtitle

SRT files store subitles for a video. If your video is named movieXYZ.avi, the SRT subtitle file must be the same name:

#transcode{soverlay, vb=700, vcodec=h264, venc=x264{bpyramid=none, weightp=0}, acodec=mp3, ab=96, channels=2, threads=2}:duplicate{dst=standard{access=http, mux=asf, dst=localhost:1234}}

MKV subititle

MKV files often contain embedded subtitle tracks. Track=0 chooses the default subtitle track. Change it to track=1, 2, 3, ... for different tracks.

#transcode{soverlay, vb=700, vcodec=h264, venc=x264{bpyramid=none, weightp=0}, acodec=mp3, ab=96, channels=2, threads=2, sub-track=0}:duplicate{dst=standard{access=http, mux=asf, dst=localhost:1234}}

  1. Open your playlist by clicking the icon that looks like bullet points on your main VLC window.
  2. Navigate to your video collection in Windows Explorer. Drag and drop your video files into the VLC playlist. New files can be added at any time during your broacast.
  3. It's suggested that you turn on looping by clicking the circular icon twice. If you don't turn it on, your broadcast will end once you reach the end of your playlist.
  4. Hit the play button in VLC.
  5. You can change your stream output anytime while you're broacasting, but the changes you make will only take effect when you skip to the next item on your playlist. You can also skip to other playlist items in middle of your broadcast by either double clicking the playlist item or clicking the next / back buttons. Seeking within a file is buggy; you're stream might crash and your viewers will be forced to reboot.

Configure Veetle website

  1. Go to Veetle's broadcast page.
  2. Choose "external", so the website knows you're using external VLC.
  3. Enter the local port. The stream output you entered earlier tells external VLC to pipe media to one of your computer's local ports. The website will need to read the stream from that port and broadcast it out.
  4. Click "next".
  5. Click "go on air".


If the website reports "reading from media", port 1234 may be used by some other running program. Try changing it to a free port, say 1235, both in the external VLC and on the website.