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Just like a traditional TV station, you can mark your channel with a distinctive translucent logo in the corner. This technique requires you to have background on the external VLC technique.


  1. Create your logo with an image editing program such as Adobe Photoshop. Make sure you hide the background layer if your logo is not square shaped. The exported image must be in the PNG-24 format.
  2. Open up your external VLC.
  3. Set the default stream output chain to:
#transcode{sfilter=logo{file='C:\Users\Name\Desktop\logo.png', position=10,transparency=150}, vcodec=h264, venc=x264{bpyramid=none, weightp=0}, vb=700, acodec=mp3, ab=96, channels=2}:std{access=http, mux=asf, dst=}