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  1. Big Bang S01E01 Pilot
  2. Big Bang S01E02 The Big Bran Hypothesis
  3. Big Bang S01E03 The Fuzzy Boots Corollary
  4. Big Bang S01E04 The Luminous Fish Effect
  5. Big Bang S01E05 The Hamburger Postulate
  6. Big Bang S01E06 The Middle-Earth Paradigm
  7. Big Bang S01E07 The Dumpling Paradox
  8. Big Bang S01E08 The Grasshopper Experiment
  9. Big Bang S01E09 The Cooper-Hofstadter Polarization
  10. Big Bang S01E10 The Loobenfeld Decay
  11. Big Bang S01E11 The Pancake Batter Anomaly
  12. Big Bang S01E12 The Jerusalem Duality
  13. Big Bang S01E13 The Bat Jar Conjecture
  14. Big Bang S01E14 The Nerdvana Annihilation
  15. Big Bang S01E15 The Pork Chop Indeterminacy
  16. Big Bang S01E16 The Peanut Reaction
  17. Big Bang S01E17 The Tangerine Factor
  18. Big Bang S02E01 The Bad Fish Paradigm
  19. Big Bang S02E02 The Codpiece Topology
  20. Big Bang S02E03 The Barbarian Sublimation
  21. Big Bang S02E04 The Griffin Equivalency
  22. Big Bang S02E05 The Euclid Alternative
  23. Big Bang S02E06 The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem
  24. Big Bang S02E07 The Panty Piñata Polarization
  25. Big Bang S02E08 The Lizard-Spock Expansion
  26. Big Bang S02E09 The White Asparagus Triangulation
  27. Big Bang S02E10 The Vartabedian Conundrum
  28. Big Bang S02E11 The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
  29. Big Bang S02E12 The Killer Robot Instability
  30. Big Bang S02E13 The Friendship Algorithm
  31. Big Bang S02E14 The Financial Permeability
  32. Big Bang S02E15 The Maternal Capacitance
  33. Big Bang S02E16 The Cushion Saturation
  34. Big Bang S02E17 The Terminator Decoupling
  35. Big Bang S02E18 The Work Song Nanocluster
  36. Big Bang S02E19 The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition
  37. Big Bang S02E20 The Hofstadter Isotope
  38. Big Bang S02E21 The Vegas Renormalization
  39. Big Bang S02E22 The Classified Materials Turbulence
  40. Big Bang S02E23 The Monopolar Expedition
  41. Big Bang S03E01 The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation
  42. Big Bang S03E02 The Jiminy Conjecture
  43. big bang s03e03 The Gothowitz Deviation
  44. big bang s03e04 The Pirate Solution
  45. big bang s03e05 The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary
  46. big bang s03e06 The Cornhusker Vortex
  47. big bang s03e07 The Guitarist Amplification
  48. big bang s03e08 The Adhesive Duck Deficiency
  49. big bang s03e09 The Vengeance Formulation
  50. big bang s03e10 The Gorilla Experiment
  51. big bang s03e11 The Maternal Congruence
  52. big bang s03e12 The Psychic Vortex
  53. big bang s03e13 The Bozeman Reaction
  54. big bang s03e14 The Einstein Approximation
  55. big bang s03e15 The Large Hadron Collision
  56. big bang s03e16 The Excelsior Acquisition
  57. big bang s03e17 The Precious Fragmentation
  58. big bang s03e18 The Pants Alternative
  59. big bang s03e19 The Wheaton Recurrence
  60. big bang s03e20 The Spaghetti Catalyst
  61. 12:41 pm
    big bang s03e21 The Plimpton Stimulation
  62. Big Bang S03E22 The Staircase Implementation
  63. Big Bang S03E23 The Lunar Excitation
  64. Big Bang S04E01 The Robotic Manipulation
  65. Big Bang S04E02 The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification
  66. Big Bang S04E03 The Zazzy Substitution
  67. Big Bang S04E04 The Hot Troll Deviation
  68. Big Bang S04E05 The Desperation Emanation
  69. Big Bang S04E06 The Irish Pub Formulation
  70. Big Bang S04E07 The Apology Insufficiency
  71. Big Bang S04E08 The 21 second Excitation
  72. Big Bang S04E09 The Boyfriend Complexity
  73. Big Bang S04E10 The Alien Parasite
  74. Big Bang S04E11 The Justice League Recombination
  75. Big Bang S04E12 The Bus Pants Utilization
  76. Big Bang S04E13 The Love Car Displacement
  77. Big Bang S04E14 The Thespian Catalyst
  78. Big Bang S04E15 The Benefactor Factor
  79. Big Bang S04E16 The Cohabitation Formulation
  80. Big Bang S04E17 The Toast Derivation
  81. Big Bang S04E18 The Prestidigitation Approximation
  82. Big Bang S04E19 The Zarnecki Incursion
  83. Big Bang S04E20 The Herb Garden Germination
  84. Big Bang S04E21 The Agreement Dissection
  85. Big Bang S04E22 The Wildebeest Implementation
  86. Big Bang S04E23 The Engagement Reaction
  87. Big Bang S04E24 The Roommate Transmogrification
  88. Big Bang S05E01 The Skank Reflex Analysis
  89. Big Bang S05E02 The Infestation Hypothesis
  90. Big Bang S05E03 The Pulled Groin Extrapolation
  91. Big Bang S05E04 The Wiggly Finger Catalyst
  92. Big Bang S05E05 The Russian Rocket Reaction
  93. Big Bang S05E06 The Rhinitis Revelation
  94. Big Bang S05E07 The Good Guy Fluctuation
  95. Big Bang S05E08 The Isolation Permutation
  96. Big Bang S05E09 The Ornithophobia Diffusion
  97. Big Bang S05E10 The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition
  98. Big Bang S05E11 The Speckerman Recurrence
  99. Big Bang S05E12 The Shiny Trinket Maneuver
  100. Big Bang S05E13 The Recombination Hypothesis
  101. Big Bang S05E14 The Beta Test Initiation
  102. Big Bang S05E15 The Friendship Contraction
  103. Big Bang S05E16 The Vacation Solution
  104. Big Bang S05E17 The Rothman Disintegration
  105. Big Bang S05E18 The Werewolf Transformation